Our mission is to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Since the beginning of the 2018 school year, every secondary student in Deer Park ISD has been issued a district-owned iPad to use in the classroom and at home. We are so excited about all of the great opportunities this new 1:1 initiative will allow us! Here are some answers to some questions you may have: 


Why is the district giving me an iPad? 

DPISD is committed to preparing today's students for tomorrow's challenges. As part of that preparation, we are empowering you to learn anywhere at any time with an iPad. We are empowering your teachers to engage you in a new way and redefine instruction. 


Do I get to take it home?  

YES! Once you've paid your $50 fee, you can take the iPad home! You are responsible for taking care of it, though. 


When do I get the assigned iPad?  

You will get the iPad during the first few weeks of school. 


Can I use my own Apple ID or do I get one assigned to me? 

The district will assign you an Apple ID that you will use with your district-issued iPad. DPISD will pay for certain apps for you and push them out using an application called Self-Service. You will be in charge of downloading and updating apps as needed using Self-Service. 


What all am I assigned? 

You will receive an iPad, a case, and a charger. You are responsible for turning in the iPad, thecase, and the charger in good condition at the end of the school year. You'll probably want to get your own earbuds and a stylus, but they aren’t required.  


How will we use the iPad in class? 

We will be using them in class for assignments, warm-ups, research, assessments, projects, homework, and more. 

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What do I have to do? 

There's a $50 fee and some paperwork to sign at the beginning of the year.  After that, you are expected to be aresponsible digital citizenand use the iPad appropriately, as well as bring it fully-charged to school every day.  


What happens if it breaks? 

That would stink! The first time, if it was an accident, we'll give you a break during that school year, since you paid the initial $50 iPad fee. You will have to pay another usage fee at the beginning of the next school year though. If you have multiple issues in the same year, you will have to pay another $50 fee for each issue. If you intentionally damage your iPad, you will owe the cost for repair or replacement.   


What happens if it gets lost? 
The first time if your insurance/usage fee is paid in full, you'll pay 50% of the replacement cost.  Any additional loss, you'll pay the full cost of replacing it. 


If I lose my power cord, can I just buy another one?    

We will issue you one power cord and brick when we issue the original iPad. If you need another one, you will need to buy one on your own or pay a $35 replacement fee to the school district, and we will reissue you a new one. 


Can I put a passcode on the iPad?    

Absolutely. That is required, actually. In the event that you forget your passcode, your teacher will have the means to clear your passcode so you can reset it. 


What if I don’t want an iPad?    

We encourage every student to participate in the Empower program. Teachers will be using the iPads daily in class. Students without an iPad will be required to do assignments on paper.  


What if I can’t afford the $50 fee?    

We have set up a payment plan for students who would like to pay $10 monthly instead of the complete $50 fee at the beginning of the year.