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6th Grade FAQ

Absences & Tardies


Do parents need to go inside to sign a tardy student in?

Parents, guardians, or anyone on the student’s contact list may check a child out of school.  However, they do not have to sign them in if they are tardy or if they return to school from an appointment. 


Can you scan in a handwritten note and email it for an absence or only handwritten turned into office is allowed?

The district is no longer accepting emailed absence notes.  Notes may be handwritten or typed and signed.  They must include the date, the student’s name and parent’s name within 5 days of the absence. 


Who do we give absent notes to?

Absent notes must be given to our attendance clerk in the front office. 






Can a 6th grader be in robotics?

6th graders may be in Robotics club.  They may not be in the class until 7th grade.






What if we missed early registration?

Please come and register your child on the first day of school. 


How long do the kids have between classes?

They have 4 minutes for class change.


Is there a map of the school by classroom # and placement in hallways?

 There are maps posted at the end of the hallways as well as one available at the front office.





Can they make up a grade they failed?

We expect the best at DPJH and understand that sometimes students need extra help.  If you child has a failing grade, encourage him or her to ask their teacher what they can do.  All teachers have tutorials before or after school.


Can you set alerts and will they work on the Skyward App for your phone?

Parents can set alerts for missing work, if grades are recorded below a set number, and absences.  Alerts are sent via email.  You are welcome to check your student’s grades at any time using Skyward.


 How to set alerts in Skyward




If we pay lunch money online, can we block them from snack line?

Yes.  Contact Mrs. Carey in the cafeteria by phone or email ( and she will set up the block for you.  This will remain in effect until they graduate unless you contact the cafeteria to remove the block. 


When will student's find out which lunch they have?

Most 6th graders will have B lunch.  Your child’s 3rd period teacher will tell the students which lunch they have the first day of school. 





Can students bring their gym shoes to school?

Yes, gym shoes are necessary for PE classes.  Students can bring gym shoes to school and lock them in their gym locker.


What kind of lock will be issued for PE?

Each student will be issued a combination lock. 






What if my child didn't receive a schedule on registration day?

Students will report to the boys’ gym on the first day of school to receive their schedule.


What if my child not happy with schedule? Can we request a schedule change?

At the beginning of the school year, students have a two week window to request a schedule change.  Our counselors work very hard to make sure each student is happy with their class schedule.  We would like to remind students that switching from one class or another could affect their entire schedule. 






Will you have police officers patrolling the school?

Yes, we have one Deer Park Police Officer at our school every day.  For additional security, DPJH also participates in the Watch D.O.G.S program.  We will send home information in September about joining this organization. 


Can the students wear their own chosen lanyard with school ID?

No.  For safety, each student is issued a breakaway lanyard. 




What do they do with their school supplies and textbooks?

Some supplies will be given to specific teachers during the first week of school. There will be some supplies that students will store at home and bring when needed. i.e. packs of pencils.  Students do not use the hallway lockers. Students are no longer issued textbooks.  Instead, all books are on their iPads. 




When is meet the teacher night?

We do not offer meet the teacher night before school starts. Students may walk their schedule during registration.   Many of our teachers are at school for Early Registration and we love meeting our new students.  We offer an Open House in early September after all schedule changes are complete.





Are cell phones are allowed during school hours?

6th graders may be on cell phones before school, after school, and during lunch with restrictions. Administrators may restrict lunch cell phone privileges based on student behavior. Parents should call the front office if they need to contact student. Please do not try to text student throughout the day.


Do the kids have access to safari or YouTube on their iPads? If so, is it necessary to keep on the iPads?

All students have access to Safari for internet access and YouTube Kids.  The district’s security software blocks inappropriate content at school and at home.


What if iPads not working?

Students are to take their iPads to the library and fill out a work order.  Their iPads will be repaired and returns as soon as possible.


Do iPads come with a protective case?

Yes, it has a protective case with a kickstand.






If walking or riding a bike which door do you go in?

Please enter the front door of the school.


How do we know what bus to take and where the stop is?

This information is available on the district’s transportation website: DPISD Bus Routes


Where are the kids released after school?  

Buses are located at the back of the school.  Car riders traditionally exit through the front doors which is nearest the car line.  Walkers may exit any door.  Students are allowed to remain inside the building if they have an after school activity or tutorials. 


What if transportation changes?

The only time the school must be notified of a change is when a child is riding a different bus, for example- going home with a friend.  If transportation plans change, please coordinate this with your child by giving the message to the front office.  We will contact your child with the message. 


Do they have pick up tags?

No, we do not have pick up tags.




If you have a question that was not addressed here, please contact the front office at (832)668-7500.  


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