E-books & Audiobooks

Accessing the DPISD digital library is a breeze! Here are 3 easy ways to find and read great books straight from your device:
Using your iPad?
Use the Overdrive or Sora app! These apps are made by the same company, so the books that are available will be the same, but the reading experience will be different. Both apps can be found in Classlink. All you need to log in is your Classlink log-in information!
Using your Phone?
To read or listen to books on your phone, follow  these steps:
1. Download the Sora app from the App store
2. Log in using your Classlink information (click the video link above if you need help and watch the "Logging into Sora" video)
1. Download the Overdrive app from the App store
2. Click "Under 13 years old or using OverDrive through your school?"
3. Click the plus sign that says "Add a title"
4. Search for "Deer Park Junior High"
5. Click on "Deer Park Junior High"
6. Click the star icon to save this library to your phone and then click on the link.
7. Log in using your ClassLink information!
Using your Computer?
If you want to read e-books using a desktop computer or laptop, you can click on the icon below to 
log in to your Sora account. 
DESTINY CATALOG. Search for print books, and digital books from Overdrive, Capstone and Follett, through the Destiny Catalog. Destiny is accessible through the district's single sign-on portal -- Classlink iOS app or https://launchpad.classlink.com/dpisd  If using the links below, use student/staff network log-in, or request Capstone log-in from librarian.


Note: When “opening” a Capstone or Overdrive/Sora title through the Destiny catalog, you will be automatically redirected to the platform’s webpage. E-books may be checked out  and read through Classlink, but can only be downloaded and read offline using the provider’s app (available in Self-Service).

Destiny Catalog
The Destiny catalog has two looks: Destiny and the new Destiny Discover. Log-in to access all features, and use the menu bar on the left to toggle between the two. 
Overdrive/SoraOverdrive Sora
Single-use e-books and audiobooks, primarily popular fiction and graphic titles. Try Sora, the new Overdrive student app, to earn reading badges! 
Capstone Interactive e-Books
Unlimited access, fiction and nonfiction interactive e-books in English and Spanish. 
Follett eBooks & Audiobooks
Single-use, unlimited access &  Lightbox interactive e-books and audiobooks.
DATABASE e-BOOKS. Unlimited access, nonfiction e-books. Download these apps through Classlink.
World Book Online 
Browse as a guest, or create an account with your school e-mail and password to download ebooks
National Geographic Kids
Nonfiction e-books and e-magazines. 
FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS to e-books, audiobooks, interactive books, and databases to provide distance learning while schools are closed. Thank you for the enormous generosity of Follett/Destiny, Tumblebooks, Capstone/PebbleGo Next, Junior Library Guild, SEBCO, and ABDO.
Follett Destiny Lightbox Interactive Follett/Destiny Discover Lightbox Interactive eBooks and numerous databases
Click "Log-in" on top right
Username: guest   
Password: follett
TumbleBook K-6 Library
K - 6 fiction, nonfiction and graphic ebooks until 8/2020.
No log-in required!
TumbleBooks Teen
TumbleBooks Teen
Gr. 7 -12 popular teen literature until 8/2020.
No log-in required!
TumbleBooks Math E-Books
TumbleBooks Math
K-6 entertaining math e-books until 8/2020.
No log-in required!
TumbleBook Audiobooks
TumbleBooks Audiobooks
Search using  Children & Teen tabs until 8/2020.
No log-in required!
Capstone Interactive Library
Capstone Interactive eBooks
K-8 fiction & nonfiction titles
Username: linkearth
Password: lovetoread
PebbleGo Next Database
PebbleGo Next  Database
Science, Social Studies & Biographies
Username: engaged
Password: learning
Junior Library Guild eBooks
Junior Library Guild Digital
PreK - 12 popular ebooks
No log-in required!
Choose level and go!
SEBCO ebooks
PreK-YA fiction & nonfiction
Username: keepreading
Password: sebco
ABDO Digital Bookshelf
ABDO Digital e-books
Engaging nonfiction titles t0 5/20.
Username: spring
Password: 2020
Lightbox - If you need to use a Lightbox book, please follow these instructions:
1. Go to destinydiscover.com
2. In the Location box, select "Any Location"
3. In the School box, enter "Follett eLearning, McHenry, IL" and click GO!
4. To log in, click on the "Log In" button at the top right of the screen.
Username: guest
Password: follett