Library Information

Librarian: Jillian Glasgow
Library Clerk: Lauren Alexander
Student Hours:
Monday-Thursday 7:45AM- 3:45PM.
Friday 8:00AM- 3:45PM.
*Occasionally the library will open at 8:00AM on Wednesday mornings so that the librarian may attend faculty meetings. 
Visiting the Library:
Students have regular library visits through their LA classes, but they may also come during school hours with teacher permission. Students can visit the library before school and after school to...
  • read a book
  • listen to an audiobook
  • enjoy the latest magazine
  • work on the computer or iPad
  • complete school assignments
  • use the makerspace

Check-Out Policy:
Students may borrow 2 books at a time, with a due date of 2 weeks. When borrowing, students accept responsibility for lost or damaged books.

Read it....Respect it....Return it! 

Please take good care of your books and return them on time so the next person may enjoy them. See the videos below for some book care advice!
Protecting your books (and other important stuff!) from the ELEMENTS!
Protecting your books (and other important stuff!) from FOOD!
Protecting your books (and other important stuff!) from WATER BOTTLES!
Are you seeing a theme in these videos? Books that have been damaged by moisture or sticky stuff are nearly impossible to repair. While I can fix many minor damages that occur (little tears, folded pages, torn plastic covers, etc), this is one thing that is not repairable. 
Library Procedures Handbook Click HERE to review the district's library policies and procedures.