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Attendance Guidelines

  • Students are still held accountable for class assignments and instruction missed due to an absence.
  • When a student is absent, they must turn in a note upon their return to school.
  • Parent notes regarding absences should include:
    • Student name
    • Grade level
    • Date(s) absent
    • Reason(s) for absence
    • Parent signature
  • Notes from a parent can excuse up to 6 absences per semester and must be turned in within five days of the absence.
  • All absences for which the student brings a doctor's note or the student is sent home by the school nurse will be considered excused absences.
  • Absences are not to be viewed as days a student is entitled to take, but are limited to personal illness, illness in the immediate family, death in the immediate family, or by prior arrangements approved by the administration.
  • Please contact our attendance clerk, Susie Chilson, with specific questions regarding your student.